Monday, April 18, 2011

just put off internship label on me..

hye all...
you miss me eh????
catch youuu!hahahaha

well it has been ages i do not updating myself just because im so busy put all my days as industrial trainee into my external hard memory.bombastic much.

okay,the day that i had been celebrated for completing my internship was just so sweet.
please dont be jealous,they celebrated me at monumen putrajaya!awesome yoowwww..
thank youuuu a lot to all staffs who did planned all this.i love you guys and you all will remain in heart of mine.

this farewell party also was held to give huge appreciation to one of the loyal staff who had served the company for almost 30 years.oooohhhhhhh!stunning for dont think so can be so loyal for 30 years.

so there were few of pictures of me and the staffs.
i just love the night!
pls scroll down to view some pictures.

me with gentlemen.

so proud with them.

nice view at night!would like to come here again.

this place just beautiful where you can see cruise cross over  the lake, watch the sunset and on.
again, nice place right?ohh i wish that i will come at this place again.
if you guys wish too,you can go to UMAI CAFE which near to Monumen Putrajaya.
for more info just ask MR.Google..

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