Thursday, March 17, 2011

Do you concern on what i concerned to????

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This is nuclear power plant illustration,got it from

Concerning to update news stated that nuclear power plant usage will be decided by the cabinet. Now the decision is still pending and await for report from government sides, then only cabinet can come out with resolution.

This news is really catched my attention. It must be hard for the cabinet to make decision. But as Malaysian i strongly opposed on nuclear power plant implementation in malaysia.


What will be happened if any failures occur to the nuclear power plant? See what had happening in Japan. I do not want to describe more but you people can think and read on the impacts. Now the issue is becoming world concern issue. Malaysia is so far clean from any horrible natural disaster and please don’t create man-made disaster.

According to Energy , Green Technology and Water Minister, Datuk Peter Chin stated that government will not do it secretly without informing the public (Asrul Hadi,2011). Yes, the government should inform the public any kind of decision regarding the issue i think. Taking into account the opinions, comments or whatever thoughts from the Malaysian is compulsory. I suggest that Malaysian should be aware of the concerning issue and point out their opinions. People you just can not be quiet. do wake up and do forums so the government will hear us.

Besides that, MCA president, Dr Chua also urged the government to review the plan of having nuclear power plant in Malaysia. This is concerning to the devastation in Japan after the earthquake and tsunami.

“Japan’s Prime Minister Naoto Kan has warned that radioactive level in the district of the Fukushima Daiichi plant had become high and that the risk of more radioactive leakage was increasing.”(Asrul Hadi,2011)

You can read further on this information.
So hopefully, this entry will help you guys to think and participate more on national issues especially young people. thank you for reading!

Oh, this entry is at serious mode.

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