Monday, May 23, 2011

pillow talk before sailing on bed.

at this moment,time is at 12.35 am.i could not sleep and take opportunity to update my blog,SLB!
much of things i need to do to groom my just ugly space,pity you sayang.
oooohhhhhh, my entry tittle just like telling tales to kids before going to sleep.
bestnye if someone do this to me before me going to sleep. singing pun alrite.well,selalu my mr.richman will singing barney but now takda going too busy with his work.sobs!but never mind,as long as he did called,it was okay.sayang lots to you mr.richman.
nasib you la i gelar you,mr.richman.hehe.hopefully you jadi orang kaya beriman suatu hari nanti.amiinnn.

enough with sayang-sayang,so go on with errrmmmmm.blurness attacked!
i need to keep reading over something to write something attractive.currently,i read on novel "man from mars,woman from venus"..that book dah lama release,tapi baru la sekarang i terhegeh-hegeh nak least,i do reading okay...

ohhhh.anybody would like to share any websites that provide interesting reading materials?i more prefer yang ada humour sikit..facts plus humour..
why i am so eager on reading??? (monolog dalaman) it may be caused by boringness at home being a job seeker.any employer outhere,please la recruit me.hehe..bole pulak promote kat blog kan??!i am fresh graduate of HR!pick me plz.

okay,that's all for now..
get a call from pillow and blanket.gudnite all!oohhh townsfolks!
dont forget baca doa sebelum tidur nanti megigau.heh!

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