Wednesday, December 1, 2010

practical days

last monday,i went for practical registration.everything went well.
at first day i was assigned a task related to training practices(tna).huhu
but im not doing it alone,im just helping the officer to do her work.
at first time doing such analysis,i feel like pening2 skit.heee~ 

as for today, im enjoyed lots of leisure.(sempat berchatting ag an.haha).
but still carrying clerical task.(macam lipat2 kertas gitu)
and so far i juz being quite and not misbehaving.hehehe.newbie ma,xde berani nk jd gila2.
tomorow,i will attend a talk handle by Dr.Fadzillah Kamsah. =.= talk about the workplace,i would say the environment is good,the staffs are friendly and foods are awesome.EATING LIKE HEAVEN.hahaha.
pay rm6 per day and eat until you vomit.
about parking, no problems at fee charge!

AND  for yesterday,it was my FIRST time drive on the highway..!!!scary okeh..but redah je r an.terpaksa.weeee~dah la lori byk,kete byk n laju2.aiiihhh.moga2 sumenye berjalan dgn selamat.

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