Wednesday, February 16, 2011

sigh ;(

Assalamualaikum ...hye all,
just for today, a very short of word "sigh" reflects the real feeling of mine.
you know what it means.something bad happened.
eerrggghh.wat the fish!
i rushing over something but somehow people just no guilty to delay it.
daaaammmnnnnn..ak penat la gilaa.
if it just first time, i would say ok.
second time i say "uuummm"
third time : you give strains to me..just because u DELAY!
u may not know how it is important to me,but u delay.
because it is not important for u..
if i can do it by myself,i just can do it alone but this time not!
sighhhh ;(
Ya Allah help me..

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