Tuesday, January 25, 2011


This entry is basically in mood celebrating rabbit year.*HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR*
no wonder myself so eager to be like a rabbit. What i mean is acting like a rabbit such moving its nose when its triggered something. Purposely it is use to sense something surrounded him. So cute rite?  Why not you all try this at HOME.  beware people may catch u so cute if u do this in front of public. Hehe

so here i would like to share something about

* why rabbit love carrot? *


to my dearest reader, u may not well aware about this secret, so i suggest u to scroll down ur cursor and get some ideas.
Firstly,u may not know that carrot will makes u more attractive. You see how attractive rabbit is?

U may find rabbit  so cute with comfy fur, behave (it is not making any noise like some other animals do),lovely look, and not so naughty i guess. I mean if u keep rabbit as ur pet, it is may not scratch ur luxury sofas  as what ur cat does. Well i would say rabbit much innocent in that way but you may not know how deep it dug its home under ur house. So again, beware people rabbit does like to silent but it is not silent in action.
Ladies and gentlemen, u may have this question in mind * am i have a rabbit at house?*
My answer is YES,in years ago.i had rabbits as my pet but alls are gone. why? because God love them much. *mood: sad* but my bunnies were not dig their house under mine. Well, i got 4 bunnies and the one that i adore most is named blacky. because he knews when i called its name and quickly came to me and moved his long ears.  Ohh i missed that cutey blacky.

Ok, let move on rabbit’s favorite food. We all know rabbit loves to munch a carrot. And rabbit will munch a carrot as it looks so yummy and crunchy. I have seen my bunnies ate carrots with crunched sound and sometimes a pixel of carrot was splashed out from their mouth. So funny!

Basically, carrot has its own specialty. A study has been made which stated that eating coloured vegetables will make you look attractive as what rabbit does. But attractive here means it makes ur skin pigments more yellow.  Oopss, u do not turn to be yellow or what but it just produce more yellowness on ur skin pigments. But rabbit has fur so i guess eating carrot makes its fur looks beautiful. Instead of make ur body attractive, carrot also added healthy value.

According to the scientist Ian Stephen, he said that yellowness and carotenoids are associated, so he encouraged all people to eat more vegetables and fruits. So ladies and gentlemen, let us increase vegetables and fruits intake. Make urself attractive and healthy every day. Do promote this *eat fruits and vegetables* for celebrating rabbit year! 


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